Yacht Club Spring Work Bee 2016

Yacht clubs provide a wealth of knowledge, community and fun. At least mine does. I set my alarm for 7 AM on Sunday. A day I normally like to snooze in. But there was a work bee scheduled at the Pelican Yacht Club rain or snow or shine. Every fall we push our docks together to minimize ice damage. Then every spring we get together again to move the docks back in place.

I checked my weather app.

Crap! I was regretting last night's whiskey already. However I knew it would be fun. My friend Danny, who has no association with the club, wanted to come along to help. Just because there is such a great bunch at the club.

That's my friend Danny in the blue jacket and tan cap. As you can see, he was so enthusiastic about helping, we had to keep him handcuffed until we started.

The day was very windy and cold. Just above freezing and the ice had not been off of the lake for long so it was extremely cold as well. Dennis, our harbour master, made the wise decision for everyone's safety to postpone moving the docks for another weekend.

With lots of volunteers on hand we did a quick cleanup of some trash from a beaver hut that was made in the marina. Sorry beavers but you're just not welcome here.

Then we headed into the club to do what we do best. Eat some baked beans & chili, drink a few beer and bullshit.

The marina seemed to be boiling with thousands of small fish.

Danny even found an old net and did some fishin'. He put them back of course.

It was great to see old friends and to meet some new friends for the first time. We all look forward to another great season of sailing.

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