What Name Floats Your Sailboat?

I can't, for the life of me, remember what my sailboat's name was before I renamed her. Something to do with a conch shell and apparently something that meant absolutely nothing to me.

Naming your boat is a very personal thing, like getting a tattoo, don't get someone else to pick it. 

Giving your sailboat a drinking name like Aquaholic, Drunk Again or Amy's Wine-House in my opinion is just asking to get pulled over by the authorities.

Pick a name that reflects you or what your boat means to you. People often get known by their boat names so don't pick one that may be embarrassing to you or your family later.

At my club there is Frank from Pivot Point, Dennis from Moonshadow II, Kevin fom deasil or Don & Peggy from Blue Bayou. One clever couple, Alf and Betty, named their sailboat Alfabet.

Although not as unique as I had originally thought I named my sailboat Island Time. That name reflected a way to get away from the busy everyday life and slow down to relax. It also represents an attitude. If anyone on the boat asks "what time is it?" the reply is "Island Time".

I am fortunate enough to know a local artist, Cy Longman, that lettered and logoed my sailboat with paint freehand. That fit beautifully with the 1977 year.

There are many sources on the interweb that show the procedure or ceremony to rename a boat so you don't offend any sea Gods or bring on bad luck.


  1. After removing any traces of the old name including pillows, key rings, glasses.
  2. Perform the ceremony (or not). This usually involves some sort of sacrifice. I think that rum would likely be a good bet.
  3. Rename your sailboat ASAP. You don't want to be sailing around nameless and naked. (That's another story)

What is or what will you name your sailboat? Is there a story behind it?

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