The Swing Keel Advantage

I had a great sail with my cousin Craig today with about 10 - 15 knot winds. 2 foot swells makes for some splashy fun.
We sailed to Stathcona Park, (we used to call it Y-Point & still do) about 5 nautical miles down the lake. Two other sailboats that were out turned around and headed back to the club. 

We decided to take advantage of having a swing keel. We pulled around to the leeward side of the point, cranked up the keel and pulled up on to the beach.

Strathcona Park Store

It's a very short walk up to the little store where they have everything from ice cream to fireworks.

We had a great lunch of home made burgers and fries at the store. Huge burgers and a big helping of fries filled us up for just over $20 for both of us. Craig and I are both big fellas too !
I really like to stop here the food is great and the service is so friendly. It really is "the best kept secret on the lake"

We beat back home until threatened by storm clouds when we dropped the sails and fired up "the iron genny" to motor the last mile or so home.
After taking Craig home I went back to the marina where I cleaned up a few drink cans that seemed to accumulate during our trip, secured and put away Island Time. By this time the storm had just fizzled out and the lake had become calm. 

I went up to the club and had a cold one with some of my Yacht Club friends. The conversation covered everything from throwing Kleenex boxes at raccoons to hunting a run away heifer.

Another great day of living the dream sailing.

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