Good Old Boat-The sailing magazine for the rest of us

The Good Old Boat Magazine's really is "The sailing magazine for the rest of us". This magazine focuses on owning and maintaining older affordable fiberglass cruising sailboats. Co-founder Jerry Powlas says " The vast majority of sailboats that are in use today are not new. And the vast majority of sailors today are not contemplating buying a brand new boat. If they're contemplating buying a boat it will be a used boat. A Good Old boat". 

I'm always so excited the see my edition of Good Old Boat Magazine arrive in the mail. I spend time pouring over the magazine and then keep it around to pick up again and again and again. It is wonderful magazine for the average sailor that does not own a large expensive yacht.

I find myself thumbing through older issues and taking renewed interest in articles that have even more importance to me now than when I first received the magazine. The magazine does accept advertising but because it is subscriber supported the magazine is not full of ads like some other publications.

The magazine has a few full and part time employees and many freelancers who contribute. Readers also write in about their own refits and modifications.

There are many practical articles on maintaining or DIY repairs for your own older boat. There are articles from mainsail reefing to boarding ladders to anchor reviews and tips.   

There are articles on featured sailboats, articles comparing that featured sailboat to similar boats and reviews on sailboats.

There is good practical advice on seamanship skills for the beginner right up to the salty old dogs.

The magazine, founded by Karen Larson and Jerry Powlas, is published bi-monthly (6 times a year) and is available in paper or digital editions. There is a newsletter and a podcast. They have a very extensive website with classified ads. They even post a list of other sites that have classifieds. The magazine has changed from what they first envisioned because they listen to their readers and give them the magazine their readers wanted. As they say "we're trying to offer a service; this is not a competitive adventure."

Good Old Boat can be found at

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