Sometimes the hardest part of sailing is just getting to your sailboat

I love sailing. I sail a lot. I'm still working full time although not full days. My sailboat is in the water at my yacht club tied to a dock in the marina. It takes me 50 minutes to get to the marina and in 10 minutes my sails are up and I'm sailing.

Last year's sailing season was from May 25 through to September 29. Take out 2 weeks of gale force winds in July, 2 weekends out of province on holidays in August, not a breath of wind days, rain days, various other commitments and I still squeezed in 29 different days on the water.

I have made sailing a priority. I believe that it is good for my physical and mental health and good for my soul. It makes me happy.

In the prairies, where I live, the wind and weather can be very changeable very quickly so when good weather presents good sailing conditions I try to be ready. I watch the weather forecasts, wind forecasts I feel the wind on my face and I watch the trees. I can be on the road quickly because I have prepared. I have a backpack ready with flashlight, batteries, cell phone cable & charger, toothpaste & toothbrush. Whatever I need to take back to the boat from the last trip such as washed drink glasses or water jugs I have ready as well.

I was caught off guard by a thunder storm last year.  In this video my marina is to the far right of the far shore right where this storm was blowing through. I waited it out and later, after I thought it had past, I made a run for it. I was close to being caught in the middle of it again. Now I keep a can of soup or stew on the boat in case I need to stay out on the lake or pull up to shore overnight instead of risking heading for home. I also keep a wee bottle of dark rum aboard for medicinal use only.


Once in a while I'll remember something I forget part way out of town but this is why I am trying to keep the boat and my backpack stocked.

Many people tell me that they would like to go for a sail but it's hard to plan ahead because of the weather. This year I'm going to keep a list people that have shown an interest in sailing and give them a call when I think I'm heading out.

Today is March 4. In another 12 weeks I should have my sailboat back in the water.

I better check my bag.

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