My Visit To Sunshine Bay Yacht Club

Sunshine Bay Yach Club dock

On August 27, 2016 I had a blast when I visited the Sunshine Bay Yacht Club at Lake Wabamun. Wabamun is less than an hour west of Edmonton Alberta.

I have 2 grown children that live in nearby Spruce Grove. We were visiting my daughter and her family when I snuck away for a few hours to go visit, have a beer and meet IRL (in real life) with my internet friend Simon Pugsley. Simon and I have corresponded on a Sirius 21 forum and he was also kind enough to acknowledge my help and make a comment on a post I wrote about retrieving a lost halyard. He offered to buy me a beer if I ever made it to the Sunshine Bay Yacht Club. See his comment at the bottom of my post "Like Your Underwear Slipping Down"

I stopped in the Summer Village of Seba Beach on my way there to grab a bite to eat. I was lucky enough to run across a BBQ outside Derby's Lakeview General Store.  This was a fundraiser put on by Seba Enhanced Betterment Association with CCAS Heating and Cooling Solutions They raised over $900.00 that day for the Seba Beach School and local youth programs.

This "Hillbilly" truck was a hoot to see.



I found Simon and his wife Sharon in their motor home in the club parking lot. True to his word about buying me a beer we sat and had a couple of Alexander Keith's together before we set out to the docks to check out his Sirius 21.

Simon on "Time-Out"

Simon on time-out

We wandered the docks a bit checking out the other sailboats before I started heading back to my family. Simon invited me to stay for the club "Big 0" party. This party was special for anyone that had a "0" that year for their birthday or anniversary during 2016. Their birthdays and/or anniversaries were acknowledged and celebrated that night. Simon had doubled up in that he had turned 60 and also Simon and Sharon celebrated their 30 anniversary that year. Now this was tempting, I had turned 60 that year as well.

Big "0" Party


On the way past the club Simon introduced me to Bernie Riegger who was unloading band equipment. Bernie sails a Santana 25. His band the Faithful Slaves were playing that night for the party. He was also kind enough to invite me to stay for the party!  I mentioned that I had my Fender ukulele in my van and then Bernie invited me to sit in. This could be dangerously fun. I headed home while I still had some willpower. I plan to go back for another visit, a sail and hopefully jam a bit with Bernie.

The Sunshine Bay Yacht Club is very active with races on the weekends in the spring and fall and on Wednesdays in the summer. On weekends they try to involve everyone with fun races like Jack & Jill or Pursuit races and other social events. Any of the club members that I have met whenever I've been there are very friendly, kind and inviting. Like most sailors that I have met.  For more information check out their website at

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