Spring Is Right Around The Corner!



Spring is right around the corner. It looks likes it's coming early this year to Manitoba. Normally I splash my boat about May long weekend. In Canada May long is held on the weekend of the Monday that precedes May 25. Close to the US Memorial Day weekend. For us it the start of summer. We BBQ (or grill) and many go camping whether it is snowing or not! I just try to get my sailboat into the water.

Most years I leave my boat at the yacht club on the tarmac for the winter so the furthest I trailer my boat is 200 ft to the water and back again in the fall. This year I brought it closer to home ( about an hour from the lake) to do a bit of extra work on it.

It always seems that if I go to the club to work on my boat there is always someone that needs a hand with some beer or other and I just don't get the work done. At home I can work on it whenever I get a spare few minutes.

Trailer-The first thing I look at is the tires to be sure that they are inflated. I might trailer my boat more this year so I'll pop off the wheel caps to check the grease and the bearings. I also check the lights to be sure that they all work and that no lenses are missing or broken. I'll also look at the wires to see if any look cracked or frayed. Oh ya, is the license registration current?

Outboard-I have my 1976 Evinrude5 HP that starts every time for me. It's in my shed so I can look at that any time. I may call my friend Walter over for a few beer, just because it's more fun, to work on it together.

  • We can check the spark plug to see if it look worn and needs replacing or just cleaned and gapped.
  • Check the plug wire
  • Check and maybe change the gear oil
  • Check the fuel lines, filter
  • I know I need a new fuel line and primer ball to the tank
  • Lubricate any moving parts

The old girl runs so good I kind of hate to mess with it. But heck, we might even go crazy and get out the manual!

Head- That's easy it is a fairly new porta-potty. In the fall I drain it and give it a real good cleaning. In the spring all I have to do is dust it off, add water, throw in some conditioner and I'm ready to go. (Dad joke)

Boat-The boat itself is a 1977 Sirius 21 and the light blue paint is very oxidized so if I want it to shine I have to power polish it and wax it every year. I also make sure that the scuppers run freely.

Rigging- I keep an eye on the standing and running rigging throughout the year but it's a good time to check it over when the mast is down.

Electrical- I have a solar panel and a deep cell 12 V battery to run the lights, stereo, iPad, phones laptop and so on. I'll throw a charger on the battery and check it out. This year I want to upgrade some of my lights and electrical Add in some more power plugs and swithches. More on that project later

I often have lots of plans of cosmetic things to do to my sailboat but the truth is if we get an early thaw I'm putting her in. Pretty doesn't make her go any faster and every hour spent waxing is one hour less sailing.

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