Sailing Memories With Your Kids.

I sat down to write this post about activities that you can do with your kids when you're sailing. I even had a list started:

  1. pull an old wind-surf board, either under sail or power
  2. take along coloring books or books to read
  3. electronics, games or movies (in case they get bored of sailing)
  4. make the scurvy dogs swab the deck with sponges and let a wet sponge fight break out
  5. drop the anchor and go for a swim, use a line so you don't drift away from the boat
  6. take lots of snacks & drinks
  7. be sure to have blankets & pillows for naps (for Mom)
  8. have them take the tiller
  9. adjust jib lines even if they don't need it
  10. take their friends
  11. stop to explore or picnic or build a bonfire on shore
  12. talk like a pirate, dress like a pirate
  13. use soap bubbles to see wind direction
  14. kids love to sit on the bow
  15. if you can, pull in for an ice cream or treat at a store on the lake
  16. cozy up in the dark cabin to watch a movie on the way home



We have done all of these things and much more. But I started looking through my old pictures of sailing with the kids and I was surprised. My lad was only 7 when we first got our sailboat. Now he's a big honkin' teenager with hairy legs and taller than his mother! And my cute little daughter has grown into a beautiful woman.

I say all of this because no matter what you plan to do on your boat you are always making memories. One of the reasons I wanted a boat was so my kids could have the wonderful memories of the lake like I had when I was a kid. What I didn't count on, because I'm a fool, are all the beautiful memories that I have of spending so much time sailing with my kids.

So go sailing, be patient, take time to stop and do what the kids want. Just be with them.

When you're making memories the good ones seem to make themselves.

Share your memories or activities in the comments.

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