"one of the best days of his life!"

"Thanks again for the wonderful day. Andrew was buzzing about it all night. He won't forget that special day. What great memories.  Thanks again so much!! "   This was a text that I received from Andrew's mom Trina.

My son Gavin and I had taken his friend Andrew for his first sail earlier that hot day in June. On some days when you invite a rookie it can be very windy and scary for them or no wind at all and boring. Especially for young boys. This was not one of those days. It was perfect. We had it all.

We didn't start our sail until 2 PM that day. We sailed over 11 nautical miles in about 2 3/4 hours. We had a strong steady wind right off the beam (directly on the side of the boat), so we basically sailed straight down the lake 5 1/2 nautical miles and then came straight back. Andrew was a natural on our sailboat. A 40 degree heel was fun for for the boys and didn't "freak out" Andrew at all (unlike some adults).


An unexpected part of the day was when we pulled up astern of Kevin and Frank on Frank's Catalina 27. The boys jokingly threatened to shoot them with Gavin's waterzooka.  Frank rose to the challenge immediately and hauled out a 2 gallon pail on a rope, scooped up water from the lake and swung around to meet us. He missed the boys completely but totally  soaked me and my iPhone and part of the cabin!

We tried to make a run for it but Frank has the faster boat and they caught up to us. Pushing us into the wind I had no room to escape. I knew that Frank had better range with his pail than we did with our waterzooka so I had the boys hold off until after he fired when I could pull in closer. Frank is a fantastic guy, with a great big Lanny McDonald mustahche ( you can't see his teeth), and always a lot of fun to be around.

Frank & Kevin could have kept on sailing but they chose to stop and play with a couple of young boys. Fun was fun but we had to quit before one of us old farts got hurt.

We planned to drop anchor at some point during our sail for a swim but ugly storm clouds had snuck in over the horizon. This Captain wanted us safe so we headed back to the marina. The boys hid in the dry cabin while I got a bit wetter in the warm rain. 

Unknown to the boys we ghosted past a fishing boat where a couple of men were huddled under a blue tarp keeping dry. One came out, set down his beer and went to pee over the side of his boat before he saw us. I told him "better put that back, it's too small" We both had a good laugh. None harder than his fishing buddy.

The rain had blown over when we got back to the Pelican Yacht club and we finished the day off with a swim and a campfire at Terry Fox Beach and a ice cream cone from The Hot & Frosty for the drive home.

"I replied to Trina "You are so welcome. Andrew is a great kid. Lots of sound effects(lasers, guns,rocket ships)on the drive!  We all had so much fun today. It was perfect. I'm exhausted and smiling."

"Trina texted back "Yes you will all sleep well tonight! Yes, as you can imagine it was quiet here this afternoon without Andy.....Some days he just doesn't stop talking!!! ?? he did say today was "one of the best days of his life!" 

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