My Dream Sailboat

Do you have a dream sailboat? I dream about a new sailboat but I haven't found one that fits most of my dreams yet.  Sailboats are about compromise. If you have a lot of height in the cabin then your visibility from the cockpit is reduced. A full heavy keel to get you out on a good rippin' day, then it's harder to load and trailer and a shallow beach is off limits.

Specifucations are good to compare and see displacement and ballast weights. The draft and the sail and rigging. One of my favorite places to start is at  There are specs on tons of boats with searches available by boat or builder. Much more information than any picture will tell you.

However I love to look at pictures. They give me much more information than a page of specs will. A great site to look up or browse through pictures is   Head to the Sailboat Photo Gallery to pick your dream make and model listed alphabetically.

Also nothing can compare to actually seeing or getting on a boat of course. Walk around the marinas. Ask questions. Most sailors that I know would be very happy to talk about or show you their sailboat.

One of the things we love to do when we sail is to crank up the keel and pull right up on shore. We can take a break, go for a walk, have a picnic, light a BBQ or maybe a bonfire. I would also like a little larger boat maybe about 25 ft. for more room and stability. At that size with a swing keel or centerboard we could still load and trailer easier than something larger.

The Ericson 25 with a centerboard really appeals to me but I also like an open V Berth with aft head like a Beneteau First 26 or a Jeanneau Tonic 23. It seams the older and heavier I get the harder it is to get in and out of that damn V berth and it feels more claustrophobic too! All of this and it will have to be an older boat that I can afford.

These are all things I dream of. As our kids get older and we get closer to retirement it would be wonderful to hit the road and try out new lakes with a more comfortable sailboat.

But, for now, I can leave home and get to my yacht club where my Sirius 21 waits at the dock and be sailing within an hour. In a climate where we sail from mid May to early October I sailed 30 different days last year. I can haul my sailboat home with my 12 year old Honda Odyssey if I like.

So for now, maybe I already have my dream boat.

What is your dream boat? What are your favorite sites to check? Share in the comments to let sailors help sailors.

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