Internet Sailing Friends and Their Websites

There seem to be many descriptions for different types or conditions of sailing. Right from circumnavigating the globe to sailing on a small inland lake.  I found this description of UK & EU sailboat design categories at

Design Category A ~ 'OCEAN'   Designed for extended voyages where conditions may exceed winds of Beaufort F8 and significant wave heights of 4m and above, and for which vessels must be largely self-sufficient.

Design Category B ~ 'OFFSHORE'  Designed for offshore voyages where conditions up to, and including winds of wind force 8 and significant wave heights up to, and including 4m may be experienced.

Design Category C ~ 'INSHORE'  Designed for sailing in coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where conditions up to and wind force 6 and significant wave heights up to, and including 2m may be experienced.

Design Category D ~ 'SHELTERED WATERS'  Designed for sailing on small lakes, rivers and canals where conditions up to and wind F4 and significant wave heights up to, and including 0.5m may be experienced

I am definitely a "Category D ~Sheltered Waters" sailor although I would like to work up to some "Inshore" sailing some day. Not that I'm looking for 2m waves but it would be fun to explore some bigger lakes. The North Channel of Lake Huron, in Ontario, is reported to be the best fresh water cruising in the world.

Over the past year I have made many Internet sailing friends. I don't feel that we are in competition with each as we all are so different. One thing that I've learned through this sport is that sailors help sailors.     Mark Roope and his family who sold everything in England, bought a boat and are now sailing the world.  Mark has a wicked sense of humour that I really appreciate. The last we emailed he was wintering in Sicily. Mark has been a great help to me when I was first starting my website. As of late I have not been able to open his website. He is probably busy sailing the Mediterranean too busy to check up on his site.   Chris belongs to the same online business group,, that I do. He is from Vancouver, BC, Canada and encourages new sailors as well. Chris sails coastal waters and has a ton of ocean experience.

I just discovered Viki Moore fom Christ Church, New Zealand lately when she followed me on Twitter.  Her site has many varied fantastic articles. They seem to do a lot coastal cruising and are working toward sailing around the world. is another site I just discovered when he followed me on Twitter as well. He is from England, UK. Follow him refurbish a 1970s Twin Keel Leisure 17 he has a ton of work to do. It should be very interesting.




Carolyn Shearlock from  has been a favorite of many sailors. There are many practical tips based on years of cruising. Articles and recipes from the galley as well as from the rest of the boat. 

These are only a hand full of the many wonderful sites that you can enjoy and learn from. The one thing we all have in common is this crazy passion for sailing. If you haven't sailed it's a hard obsession to understand.

If you have sailed, well, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

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