If you're offered a seat on a sailboat

If you're offered a seat on a sailboat, don't ask which seat, just get on.

thE first picture of MY FIRST SAILBOAT. a sirius 21

thE first picture of MY FIRST SAILBOAT. a sirius 21

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 was the first time I saw my first sailboat.  It was (and still is) a Sirius 21 swing keel. I knew nothing about sailboats, other than I wanted one real bad. I could not believe this baby was going to be mine. I thought all I could afford was a little Hobie-cat and here was a boat we could sleep on.

A sailor friend of mine was going to come with me to look at this sailboat but, at the last minute, was unable to make it . The advertised price was only $4,000 and we thought if it was at all decent it would be worth it. It was about an hour drive to go see it.

I bought the boat from Glen and his wife Louise. Glen, who was no longer able to sail, had his brother Ralph looking after the sale of the boat. I got along with Ralph right away. I think he liked the idea of a family buying the sailboat.

I made a down payment on the spot and went back to get it a few days later on Saturday with my 2 kids. Ralph even took a picture of the "nice kids and their Dad" that were getting his brother's sailboat. Since then I have been in contact with Louise a number of times and send her pictures and videos of us in their old sailboat.

The Sirius 21/22 was built by Vandestadt and McGruer Ltd. of Owen Sound, Ontario from 1977 to 1987 when they closed their doors after a strong 25 year history. The company had been the Canadian importer of the American built MacGregor line of trailerable sailboats in early 1970s.

The Sirius 21 was reported to be the first North American production built ballasted cruising sailboat with positive floatation. From sailboatdat.com " In a more expensive procedure, closed-cell foam was injected into some compartments, then into the gap between the inner and outer hull the full length and up to the deck level."  Over 600 of the 21' version were built. A variation of this boat with a reverse sheer transom was marketed as the Sirius 22 during the mid 1980s.

Specifications on this boat can be found many places on the net but 2 good sites are sailboatdata.com and sailquest.com

I'm 6 ft tall and headroom is 4' 9" so it is a little crouchy for me for a longer period of time. The pop-top will increase it to 6' 3" but we have yet to make a tent for it. I also hope to reupholster the interior and do a few other modifications. Any modifications I make this year will have to be done within the next month or so.

Because after that, when the ice is off the lake, I'm sailing!

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