A friend told me "The overwhelming majority of sailors are not liveaboards, are not sailing around the world and have no intention to do so. A few may wish they could but in their hearts they know it is never going to happen."

This is not about sailing the ocean blue, selling your house and living on your 40 ft expensive yacht in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. This site is about sheltered water sailing or lake sailing in a pocket yacht, pocket cruiser, trailer sailer or what ever the name is for a small affordable sailboat that you can spend a few hours, a day, overnight, a weekend or longer on.

You don't need to be rich to buy a sailboat ...

...but you'll feel like a millionaire when you do!

Follow along with my shenanigans and have fun!

The Thrifty Sailor - Daryl Ramage



Mark Cygnus3.com)

I get a warm feeling inside whenever I see a fellow sailor trying to help others on their website.You are right, anyone can learn to sail and if you want that dream badly enough you will also sail anywhere you want in the world. This is a big, beautiful blue marble we live on and what better way to see it than by a boat sailed in the wind.